Garage Part 2

  • 2 Furys(1).jpg First of all, I discovered another 71 Fury a few streets away! What are the odds? Never met the owner, was told it just stays parked there, hope he puts it away for winter. Could it be a police pkg? The interior is in rough shape. IMG_2517(1).jpg IMG_2452(1).jpg Here are a few pictures of the interior, I really like it, classy and sporty. A few rips in the seats, foam a bit soft on the front seats, a few cracks on the dashboard, headliner is in great shape, carpet is a little bit faded and has a rip where the driver's heel is, some surface rust on the floor at that spot. Removing the surface rust on the floor is at the top of my to do list.. IMG_2448(1).jpg IMG_2438(1).jpg Replaced all four armrest chrome, was as eyesore but an easy fix for 45$cdn each (National Moparts). I did realise later I could have just rotated the small rear seat ones. IMG_2454(1).jpg This piece (anyone knows the exact term for this?) is faded (sun +water stains?), will be replaced but later, saw reproductions for this, also I do have the corner chrome trim, tried putting it back on but did not want to bend it or damage it further. IMG_2435 (1).jpg A nice front picture of the Fury, you can also see the tiny garage its parked in, no room to work on the car (a few inches on each side). Repairs and work are done by Nick from Nick's Garage (same as the Youtube channel) in the greater Montreal area, if you haven't seen his show, it's very good, he's got quite the fan base, a true Mopar mechanic, been in the trade since the 70s, a bit like uncle Tony DeFeo. IMG_2552(1).jpg When i bought the car, the steering wheel logo was glued on crooked and the glue had expanded, looked horrible, so I removed it and the excess glue but it doesn't fit? seems like the wheel center has warped over the years, the Plymouth logo's branches are a bit too long to be a good fit. I saw there are reproduction vinyl stickers for the logo but would like to keep the metal original, maybe change the wheel center? IMG_2451(1).jpg Trunk is missing the original mat, has rust on the surface in the trunk floor grooves, previous owner was on a mission to removed the caulking in the trunk, this along with the interior floor is my big priority for this year. Saw some reproduction plaid mats for these at Mopar Mall, anyone ordered those before? Will also correct the stove pipe look exhaust, it sticks out too much. IMG_2446(1).jpg

    IMG_2458(1).jpg Common rust area for these, the other side is fine. May change the leaf springs sooner than later, not broken but seems the car is riding a bit too low and soft. Am waiting for the US-CAN border to open up so I can get to my P.O. box and retrieve the AMC wheel centers and other stuff I ordered. This car is a driver, so the AMC wheel centers will do better than the old battered late 70s ones I have.

    That's it for my first year so far with this C body, mind you I can only get work done on the car in the summer as it gets stored away for the winter. You don't want to drive these in the winter around here, way too much salt on the roads. Thanks for all the info I find in the forums, very helpful, great community.

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  1. 300L
    Hello JFG
    Yes, I have Fotos, but I'm not able to insert pictures here. If you want, you can PM me your e-mail adress...
    1. 71 Sport Fury
      71 Sport Fury, Oct 28, 2020
    2. 300L
      i sent you a mail
      300L, Oct 28, 2020
  2. 300L
    I ordered the plaid trunk mat at Mopar Mall. It took several months till it arrived in Germany. If that is common or because of Corona, I don't know. It fits very well and has a good quality.
    A friend of mine took care to my package tray. He has covered the tray with Hi-Fi spaeker fabric. Looks good at low budget...
    1. 71 Sport Fury
      Thanks Joerg, Corona is delaying all my purchases done in the US, I have a bunch of parts waiting in my P.O. Box in VT. Do you have a picture of your package tray with the fabric? Thanks,

      71 Sport Fury, Oct 21, 2020
  3. Davea Lux
    The faded cardboard in the back window is called a package tray. Most of the time the rust on the lower quarters and the trunk floor is caused by water leaking in around the rear window channel. These cars usually leaked from the factory due to poorly sealed pinch welds on the corners of the window and window adhesive that failed.

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  4. Trailer Park
    Damn! both nice rides!
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  5. Kram Edyorloh
    Dont buy anything fancy for the parcel shelf..(.the faded bit) just go to a wood supplier, get some 3/4mm hardboard, use the back side of it, ("rough/textured") side, rattle can it satin black, its all it was from the factory.
    Car looks wonderful by the way, super interior
    1. 71 Sport Fury
      Thanks for the tip, will save me time and money, appreciated,
      71 Sport Fury, Jul 30, 2020
  6. Rumble984
    great choice of Cars!!!!
    1. 71 Sport Fury
      You too!
      71 Sport Fury, Jul 30, 2020
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  7. Davea Lux
    The black one is probably not a police cruiser. Quick check would be to pop the hood and check the order number. "K" as the order number prefix usually indicates a police order option. A few cruisers were also produced with the "J" as the order prefix. Another quick check is to see if the vehicle has a 140mph speedo and a ticket light on the top panel just back of the rear view mirror. Most cruisers were 4dr sedans and many had the side spears on the doors deleted. Pursuit class cruisers will generally have a 440 engine with a 383 as a second option. Patrol class cruisers were usually 318/360 equipped. Some city cruisers were also equipped with 6 cyl.

    1. 71 Sport Fury
      Thanks Dave,
      71 Sport Fury, Jul 27, 2020