Made My Move!

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  1. BigCah
    Great ride!
  2. Fury Man Van
    That is a Top Shelf ride enjoy
    1. carguy300
      Thanks. Im in the process of replacing burned out bulkhead and wiring, but ran great for the past year. Be on the road again soon. I love the fury, put some pics in the garage.
      carguy300, Feb 25, 2020
  3. Fury Man Van
    is this a factory tach??
    1. carguy300
      That gauge on the console is for vacuum. Fuel economy. It is factory. A little added performance touch!
      carguy300, Feb 24, 2020
  4. Newportnuts
    Beautiful Car!!!!
    1. carguy300
      Thanks! I still a need repaint and a few interior issues, but thats why i bought it. Weekend warrior!
      carguy300, Nov 13, 2019
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  5. Rexer
    Nice purchase!! That's a beautiful ride. Did you have a anxious few days before it arrived? I bought my 65 Polara sight unseen, only pictures. I was incredibly nervous until I saw it rolling in on the transport.

    Is that an Imperial horn cap?
    1. carguy300
      It took over a month to get delivered! Had to go through customs, than sat at a trucking yard waiting for a driver that could driver in the states. At least i got to see the under carriage while it was on the hauler, clean, solid rust free. That was a huge relief! That is steering wheel, tilt column that came on some of those. Glad you like it.
      carguy300, Nov 13, 2019
  6. clair.davis
    Great looking car, and interesting options! My 68 SF is an original TX car that also came without AC. Not sure what they were thinking back then, but it makes the engine bay nice an clean. I'm getting my engine back in the car now, and I appreciate the nearly untouched engine bay you've got there, too. Nice score!
  7. Henrius
    Ooh, a dual snorkel air cleaner. You can't know how hard those are to find.

    I really am warming up to those 300s. My grandfather had a 1963 300 4-door we drove around in St. Louis. Man, that black car would be an oven in the St. Louis summers!

    When we got it the engine always ran a little hot. Turned out Grandad had a new radiator installed with fewer fins per inch. Once corrected, its 383 ran fine.
  8. Turboomni
  9. LocuMob
    Wow, congratulations.
  10. Turboomni
    Right ON MAN!! Beautiful car. :thumbsup: