Maybe Last Good Drive To Cabin In Big Red This Year

  • redfall.jpg redfall2.jpg redfall3.jpg redfall5.jpg redfall6.jpg redfall8.jpg redfall9.jpg
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  1. monroegtx
    Love the car, love the dogs, love the cabin, love the scenery. Wow.
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  2. Vanish
    Great Pic even the dogs can sense it may be there last ride of the year.
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    1. DocMcNeedy
      I'm going to keep her close by in third stall during Minnesota winter...I might try getting some cool winter photos without risking getting her dirty in the undercarriage...we'll see how much snow we get this year.
      DocMcNeedy, Oct 26, 2017
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    2. Whiskey9
      Love the dogs and the car!
      Whiskey9, Oct 27, 2017
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