Mike's Plymouth Vip

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  1. Rooster34
    That blue is gorgeous, what's the name of it?
    1. kosovocop05
      Sorry about my delayed response. I don't know what the color was. It is the original dark blue with a little bit of metallic in it. It was repainted once but the same color so the door jams and under hoods areas would match.
      kosovocop05, Nov 1, 2021
    2. kosovocop05
      Found the paint code on the fender tag. EE1
      Evidently EE1 was metallic dark blue.
      kosovocop05, Nov 1, 2021
  2. 68Furymb
  3. Henrius
    Was the Super Commando 383 just the 383 with a 4-Barrel?

    Curious to know what that silver liner is you put in the car. Is it a worthwhile addition?
    1. kosovocop05
      Actually it is just a Commando 383 but the decal was a gift from a family member and they did not know the difference.....The difference came in 1967 I believe with the option of the high performance exhaust manifolds which are very hard to come by now. Thanks for commenting. The silver liner is a sound deadner which is very effective in eliminating exhaust and tire and road noise inside the car. It also minimizes the heat transfer from exhaust into cabin. Worth the 100$.
      kosovocop05, Nov 1, 2021