Mn 72 Fury Almost Done

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  1. thrashingcows
    Came here because you posted a pic of your car in the most recent 72 hidden headlight thread and I thought what a beauty. I was not disappointed on checking out the additional pics...Well done!!
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    1. MN72Fury
      Thanks!!, I had my first ride since restoration yesterday it was great
      MN72Fury, Apr 1, 2020
  2. 71 Sport Fury
    Beautiful car! Love that 72 front end,
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    1. MN72Fury
      MN72Fury, Nov 5, 2019
  3. Turboomni
    Steelies and Dog Dish Rule!! Nice ride !:thumbsup:
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    1. MN72Fury
      MN72Fury, Oct 16, 2019
  4. mrfury68
    Very nice work. I like the gator grain top and the green. A 440 punched out to 512 cubes is awesome. Talk about a sleeper. I always had a soft spot for '72 Gran Coupes. I had one as a daily driver back in the early '90s.
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  5. Henrius
    Really nice car. Congratulations!

    I am dissatisfied with the light by my original headlights, and want something better. What kind of headlight bulbs are those? Do they plug into the OEM headlight harness sockets?
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    1. MN72Fury
      I will have to check on maker of bulb, they did fit the mopar sockets, the found the LED I used

      H4 Led Headlight Bulbs Hi/Lo Beams 9003 100W ZES Chips 12000LM 6000K Brightest White 4 Runner HB2 Headlamp Conversion Kits Car Lights Replacements
      MN72Fury, Oct 4, 2019
  6. MN72Fury
    Thanks for comments. Thanks for noticing the top and motor and asking. I started with a 360 with 43,000 miles. My brother has a 1971 Fury and wanted the motor. I replaced with a 440, stroked to 512, new 727 transmission. Since this is the only car I plan on building I built it my way. Firm feel complete package upgraded to HD, Imperial rear end with disc brakes and 323. SMS for headliner, gator top and seat material. The car did not have gator but it is the second top since restoration as first one was cut short by a "professional", decided to go a little bold with gator. I had to beg SMS to use the material for 1971 fury to make the 1972 top. I also have the 1971 black reflective strobe strops to be put on with HURST exhaust tips. Also added alarm, power locks, power trunk, review view camera and back up warning, camera in rearview, Gary Tayman radio upgrade with blue tooth, gauges including tach sent to screen which sets in ash tray, and all lights LED with rear lights strobing towards outside when using blinker, lights added behind front marker reflector. Dash by ABCMoparts. It has been a four year process.

    I was told off by members for having such a vision, sorry to them I feel this car is one I can drive frequently and safely and is more functional for me than the original version.
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    1. Henrius
      What did the radio upgrade give you? Could you give the the address of this rebuilder? The radio looks like original!

      Did you use original Mopar power door and trunk equipment, or go aftermarket.

      Thanks for the mention of ABC Moparts. They got some things I have been looking for.
      Henrius, Oct 26, 2019
  7. SportFury70
    Beautiful car, great work and progress so far! Is it an original gator top and 440 car?
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  8. DocMcNeedy
    Beautiful body and paint!!! And Interior! I have a couple Imperials that could use your skills. A couple of mine are due for some body and paint work in the next year or two. I'm in Minnesota, too.
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    1. MN72Fury
      I will be out and about next year with the car and we will have to meet up.

      MN72Fury, Sep 22, 2019
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    2. MN72Fury
      The paint was done by an seasoned mopar paint specialist and owner of many Mark at Loretto Auto Repair. Mechanical from RT garage in Belle Plaine (experts in MOPAR)
      MN72Fury, Sep 22, 2019
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