Modl's Mopars

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  1. Imperial Pete
    John interested in the red 71 GT. I am from Australia. Any chance I could see a couple of photos of it please?
    Yes, the GT s are all real. The bronze came from Washington, the grey from Kentucky, the red GT from Texas. The 65 300L came from Maine. I still have all of them but I am going to sell one GT and the 300L, also my 71 Indigo 4 Dr. Sport Fury.
  3. SportFury70
    Both stunning cars, I really like them both. Sorry,but I like the GT even more though. Love those white stripes with white top. Assuming GT is real, code A52 on fender tag?
  4. Henrius
    Gotta love those huge doors on the 2-door models. Soooo long, it takes at least a couple of strong guys to take them off the car!
  5. GJS
    Wow. I dig that 65. You bought both from the same collection, correct? Great scores, both of them.
  6. Turboomni
  7. 1970FuryConv
    Nice GT: still have it?