My 1965 Chrysler 300 Survivor

  • I bought this car in early June 2016 from the widow of the original owner. The car has 50K miles and is near perfect, even the AC, which was installed in 1969 has 65 300 5.jpg 65 300 5.jpg 65 300 interior 2.jpg 65 300 5.jpg 65 300 interior 2.jpg 1965 300 also.jpg been updated and works great. Since June we're put nearly 1K miles going to car shows
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    yes, this car drives very nice, you would not know it a bigger car. I had the fuel system gone through, which included having the tank sealed. I had new HD rear springs from ESPO installed and I had the carb dialed in on a dyno with new ignition (points). I've got a new car to me (67 Imperial) on its way and believe me, there not much room left in a 2 car garage.
  2. robndi43
    Really nice cruiser!!!!
  3. 75LandYacht
    A real beauty..
  4. e-440
    sweet machine!
    I'm having issues trying to post pix