My 1969 Dodge Monaco 4dr Ht

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  1. Tobias74
    very cool car , it will look good on the Autobahn chasing smart cars
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    Oh, I thought you found the car in the US and had it shipped, lucky to be so close. can't say I ever seen such as loaded with options car. didn't look like it needed much.
    How did you find out about it? and if I'm not being too personal, what's it cost to ship to the fatherland?
    1. polaraplanzi
      Hey Goldmyn, the Monaco was announced on a carselling platform. Its called , the seller wanted 9500€... car was not running and in very bad shape... my last call was 6250€. Then i trailered she home.
      polaraplanzi, Jan 1, 2019
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    Very nice! What's the cars history? and how did you come by the car?
    1. polaraplanzi
      Hey Goldmyn,
      about three years ago this car was shipped to germany. It is a one owner car from L.A. /CA. The new owner left it for two years in a barn......i bought it from this guy. Now i restore it technically.
      She shoult keep her patina.
      polaraplanzi, Dec 28, 2018
  5. Old Mike
    Uber cool. And that 440 simply commands respect. Very nice
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  6. moparjoe2012
    This is no sales bank car. Wow, what a find!
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    1. polaraplanzi
      Hey, whats the differece between a Y14 and Y16 car?
      ....mine is a Y14
      polaraplanzi, Dec 27, 2018
  7. Henrius
    Ooh, a dual snorkel 440. All it needs is dual exhaust.

    Interior is gorgeous. Is this original upholstery?!?

    Such a clean trunk! Someone obviously cared for this car. Just repaint the air cleaner and she will be nearly perfect!
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    1. polaraplanzi
      Hey Henrius, this is a one owner car . It lives 45 Years in L.A. . She was cared ,but when in the last years she sat in the backyard. Since three years she lives in germany. She gets lot of new parts and she gets a new tti dual exhaust. The air cleaner is repainted to its formal glory.
      I will start a small restoration treat in the next weeks.
      Merry christmas, Marco
      polaraplanzi, Dec 24, 2018
  8. Binx
    ThatsT a NICE car!
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  9. GearC7
    Sweet ride...
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  10. 1970FuryConv
    Very nice. I once owned a 69 Monaco 4-dr HT. Dark green, black interior, Windsor Canada factory
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