My '72 Imperial Lebaron 2-dr Ht

  • DSCN6704A.jpg DSCN6710A.jpg DSCN6813A.jpg DSCN6815A.jpg DSCN6820A.jpg DSCN6719A.jpg DSCN6704A.jpg DSCN6704A.jpg DSCN6710A.jpg Hello everyone,

    Here some pictures of my '72 Imperial LeBaron.


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  1. DocMcNeedy
  2. david hill
    Very nice. True old school look.
  3. LeBaron1973
    Very nice, congratulations.
  4. Gary in Pennsylvania
  5. spooks
    That is cool never seen one before.
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  6. Chryslerdude
    Beautiful black ship...!

    In my twenties, I used to buy Frank Zappa and jazzrock vinyl records from a dude in Copenhagen, who owned one just like it.. but not as good condition. His was a "city car", and had lots of "city-damage"
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  7. mrfury68
    Very nice car. I like the wheels & the wider white wall tires. Great body style.
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  8. 75LandYacht
    Man what a sharp looking ol girl.. please give us more details as to her story..
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  9. tracktor
    Very nice
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  10. 69monaco
    Knappe auto Patrick , er rijden er nogal wat rond in Belgie en Nederlands Limburg.
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    1. Patrick Slegers
      Is dat zo? Ik weet dat er in Nederland een Imperial verzamelaar zit maar ik ben nog geen '72 coupe tegengekomen.
      Patrick Slegers, Jan 25, 2017
    2. 69monaco
      Ik bedoel eigelijk 69-73 imps in,t algemeen.
      69monaco, Jan 26, 2017