My first C-body

The car that was in my family for nearly 40 years

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I was never the sole owner, so historically I haven't thought of it as "mine." However, for a brief period after our father's passing in 2008, my brother and I inherited this Arctic Blue 1967 Newport. My brother wasn't really interested in keeping it, and I couldn't afford to (nor did I have a sheltered storage space), so we sold it. The photo below was one that my brother took, in front of the Colorado house that we also inherited, for the Craigslist ad. It's too bad I couldn't buy out my brother's share, because it would have been fun to have.

My parents bought the car in July 1970. I used it to get my first driver's license.

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1967 was a great year for Chrysler style and design. Beautiful car!
Sad you couldn't keep it. Sold away a lot of sentimental value.

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