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  • 1969 Chrysler 300. my father bought from the original owner sometime in the 80s. I grew up with the car and always wanted it to be mine. As the years passed by I eventually grew up and moved out. In 2008 when I was active duty Army deployed to IRAQ. Little did I know my dad fell on some hard times and sold the car. After returning from active duty in 2010 I come home to find the car gone. Being a sore subject to talk about I left it as that. Telling my dad if I ever find the car I am going to buy it back. Years passed by and in 2015 I found the car. it wasn't in the same condition it was sold as. The convertible top had been cut, sitting outside under a tree, under the hood someone had cut up the original engine wiring harness attempting to wire MSD. After getting the car back...the starter, fuel pump. all the electronic ignition components were no good to include the engine harness. The key and cylinder were removed and wires cut. After about a summer of work I have the car back to turn key now. Its a work in progress...
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  1. Monaco Dude
    That car is worth the elbow grease !!! Glad you brought it home !!!!

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  2. sgtdave
    Nice! Thanks for bringing it back.
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  3. hanks71440
    Sweet.....hope everything works out on getting it back to how it was. Also, thank you for serving and going over seas.
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  4. JC68vert300
    Nice story. Glad you were able to track it down and get it back.
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    1. 1bad300
      I felt like it was a long shot especially after 7 years thought for sure it was gone or scrapped.
      1bad300, Nov 20, 2017
  5. DocMcNeedy
    Love the story, car and color.
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  6. Ironwolf
    That is a Mighty Fine LQQKING Ride !!!!!!!
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    1. 1bad300
      Thank you. It's come far but still needs more work.
      1bad300, Nov 18, 2017
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  7. furyfinn
    I'm a big sucker for these 69 300 verts, especially in red!

    Keep us posted in your progress and more pics, please!
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