My Mopars....

  • Some pics of my Mopars....
    Duster before and after my restauration.
    Polara will be the next project.

    And my all day drive, a 2010 Dodge Ram, works great in germany :)
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  1. C-440-300
    You are a lucky guy, Eckhard!
  2. mr. fix it
    Sharp looking Polara yo have there.:thumbsup:
    Thanks kindly

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    1. Eckhard
      Yes, but only from a distance. But it was bought as resauration project for my wife.... will be painted and restaurated complete.... I am still working on the Duster, but I have a spare 383 for the Polara, that "needs" to be stroked to 432 or 450cui ;-)
      Eckhard, Nov 18, 2019
  3. Stargazer
    Very Nice
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  4. Fast Eddie B
    Nice collection there
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  5. 65fury
    nice rides!
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