My Recent Purchase

  • Here's my recent purchase. If you have another like it, please post details. This car is number matching 440/375hp, auto with a ton of options such as the usual PS,PB, and AC,but in addition it has 6 way power seat, am/fm stereo, power windows, cruise control and tilt steering wheel, bucket seat/console and I have the standard 15" wheels. DSC08235.JPG DSC08235.JPG DSC08248.JPG DSC08248.JPG DSC08248.JPG DSC08220.JPG DSC08261.JPG DSC08273.JPG DSC08202.JPG DSC08201.JPG
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    Hi, Another one of those cars I wish I hadn't sold. The car went overseas
  2. Rexer
    I really like this car! Beautiful! I imagine it moves on down the road.
  3. mr. fix it
    that's a real beauty there!:thumbsup:
  4. Turboomni
    Nice car and congrats! I guess it was emergency brake delete?
  5. tracktor
    wow very nice
  6. polara71
    Thank you Mike.... I will e mail you a few more . Let me hunt some down that do her good
  7. e-440
    very nice
  8. BigBen
    That is a beauty.congratulations on a great find. Have fun driving around.... Thats what its all about , enjoying something that doesnt look the 40 million lookalike imports surrounding us all.
  9. 75LandYacht
    Freaking gorgeous... great score. Tight squeeze in the garage though.
  10. shooter65
    Wow, that's a beautiful car. Congratulations.