My Step-dads Plymouth Fury Collection

  • This is a list of my step-dads cars. My step-dad "specializes" in the Plymouth Fury. He has, as follows

    1967- Fury II 6 passenger wagon (Currently a survivor with 90% original paint. Original 318 2bbl for now, going to have a 440 someday), Fury II 2-door post (Will Get More Photos), Fury III 4-door hardtop, Fury III 4-door post (Most Likely Going To Carlisle 2020), Sport Fury convertible, VIP 4 door hardtop.

    1968- Sport Fury Fast-top. 318 2bbl. (Went To Carlisle 2019)

    1970- Sport Fury S/23. 383 4bbl High Performance Super Commando. Real A51 code car, Not a clone. Decoded by Galen Govier in 1998. (Went To Carlisle in 2016 for C-body Celebration)

    1973- Fury Custom Suburban 6 passenger wagon. 360 small block (Went To Carlisle 2017)

    PLEASE NOTE- NEW PICTURES WERE ADDED! 67 wagon.jpg convertible.jpg VIP.jpg hotrod in garage.jpg Turq Car @ Papas MIM.jpg Bear @ Carlisle MAIN.jpg
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  1. 71 Sport Fury
    Beautiful 70 Sport Fury, 73 wagon too, wish I had family members with taste like that,
  2. Mark Kevin Weaver
    Grew up in the way way back seat of a 65 Fury II wagon, Mom traded in her special order 56 Belvedere 2dr in 64 for the 65 wagon. Dad got stationed in Germany so we had the 1st NEW car on base!
  3. BuckeyeBarracuda
    Love the 70 Sport Fury. Great color, too.
  4. BuckeyeBarracuda
    Great cars, especially the 70 Fury. Great color on a super nice car...
  5. 413
    I like both blue 2door cars! Let’s face it I like all of them!
  6. Imperialist67
    What a nice collection, all in such great shape, and so nicely done.
  7. 75LandYacht
    Sweet Herd.. N-Vus..
  8. Davea Lux
    Cars all appear to be first class. Nice collection.