• Hope you like my car! :)
    If you can help me to find information about the US history of my car, I would be very happy!

    You can find a bunch of pics of my car on my Instagram Account.
    The username is the same there: @mymidlifechrysler
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  1. RED 71
  2. Georg/DFL
    Welcome, Robert! :)

    Just like @75LandYacht said, we need more information. I would suggest opening a thread in the forum, dedicated to your car with all the information you have regading its history.
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  3. Joe Stent
    Makes my 66 polara look like a compact.
  4. 75LandYacht
    I just checked out your Instagram page. There’s only pictures of your car at different locations. No detailed pictures of the interior ,engine etc. Also you’re looking for help on your cars history, you have to start by telling us how you acquired it and what about its history you do know. Also a picture of your Vin tag is helpful for decoding. Sweet car by the way.