New Zealand 66 300

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  1. C-440-300
    Beautiful car in a beautiful country!:thumbsup:
  2. Dave Baro
    Great car! I’ve got one with same color
  3. moparcuda
    Nice ride,same color as my 64 plym belvedere
  4. OldWarHorse300
    Nice ride, looks like a sister (...or brother..) of my OldWarHorse !
  5. carguy300
    I love it! Great background.
  6. Fury440
    Wow- what a great looking automobile!!
  7. Mark Kevin Weaver
    LOVE the Chrome steel wheels with baby moon caps and wide white wall tires!!
    Very sexy car!
  8. Luke Pokrajac
  9. Evan Jansen
    Good looking car... love the beach photo.
    1. Space 383
      Cheers...nice Fury
      Space 383, Sep 19, 2019
  10. Davea Lux
    Nice Car
    1. Space 383
      Thanks Dave....we love it. We have some southern hemisphere V8's down under (Valiants, Holdens and Fords) but these are a in a different league
      Space 383, Sep 19, 2019
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    2. 35desoto
      Tell me about it - Live in Auckland so I know what you mean
      35desoto, Nov 25, 2019