On Golden Fawn

  • We purchased our beauty with 50,000 original miles about 10 years ago. Two brothers previously owned the car. We're not sure how the second brother acquired it, but we purchased it from his estate sale. It still has the dealer sticker on the trunk. Found the build sheet under the back seat and recently put on the road wheels which are listed on the sheet. We've had her to Kentucky twice and Buffalo NY once. We were lucky enough to receive the AACA DPC Award in 2010.

    One of our biggest joys is when we go to a car cruise and have someone come up and say that they or their parents or grandparents had a car "just like that". We also love the reaction of kids who have never seen a "land yacht" before. They love sitting in the front seat on our plush crushed velvet seats.
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  1. 75LandYacht
    Met you guys at Carlisle.. great story. Hope to see you again at Carlisle 2018. Beautiful car.