Pete`s Garage

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  1. C-440-300
    Where did all the real cars go? (With respect to Paula Cole.) This has to be one of the last.
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  2. 300again
    What,s not to like?
  3. Turboomni
    What a beauty!
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  4. Henrius
    Not too many garages have a checkerboard tile floor. Did you perhaps convert your kitchen into more garage space?
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  5. carguy300
    Sorry to here that! As long as you dont buy the 300 flowers she should be good with it. My wife likes my 300 as much as i do as long as she can drive it!
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  6. Hurst Pete
    Thanks carguy300! The 300 is my big love... and my wife hates that!
  7. carguy300
    How can any say no to Hurst 300 that looks this good! I LOVE IT
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