Reggie's Place

  • My name is Reggie, I love my Chryslers !!!
    I own a 68 Newport convertible. see pics
    I have a 68 New Yorker for spare's
    I use the Newport for shows, parades, weddings and other charitable events IMG_3287.JPG


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  1. Rexer
    I love it Reggie. Is that paint or a decal on the side?
  2. mikedrini
    Nice Reg, love the USA theme.
  3. 68Furymb
    Nice convertible!
  4. 75LandYacht
    Welcome to the Site Reggie. Was this car at Carlisle in July? Looks familiar.
      SportFury70 likes this.
    1. SportFury70
      It was, I remember seeing it at Carlisle multiple times
      SportFury70, Oct 21, 2021