Roxie 66 300

  • Pictures of my 66 300 and work done on it. IMG_20190916_122710_hdr.jpg IMG_20190804_111135_hdr.jpg IMG_20190711_123132_hdr.jpg IMG_20190711_123132_hdr.jpg IMG_20190711_123132_hdr.jpg 20190512_143410.jpg 20190512_143410.jpg IMG_20190715_120311_hdr_kindlephoto-1848908.jpg 20190720_134422.jpg 20190720_135612.jpg
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  1. C-440-300
    Thank you for keeping her rolling! It's worth every minute.:thumbsup:
  2. Rexer
    That's a beautiful 300.
  3. Turboomni
    Nice car ,nice work! The car is lucky to have you as an owner.:thumbsup:
  4. Fury440
    Beautiful!! I just love those 2dht roof lines! Interior looks great, especially those front seats.