Shirley (pickles) 1972 Imperial Lebaron 4 Door

  • 20190629_114204_resized (1).jpg 20190629_093239_resized (1).jpg 20190629_093251_resized (1).jpg 20190629_092819 (1).jpg 20190629_092826 (3).jpg 20190629_092837 (1).jpg 20190629_093229_resized_1 (1).jpg 20190629_092840_resized (1).jpg 20190629_093008_resized (1).jpg 20190629_093341_resized (1).jpg 20190629_093021_resized (1).jpg 20190629_093245_resized (1).jpg


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  1. Henrius
    It is amazing how much dead space was in front of the engine in these vehicles- no attempt to make the body shorter!
  2. ImpJay
    You know what I´ll type down, Doc: Shirley´s a purty!
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  3. DonC
    That's a beauty!
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  4. 75LandYacht
    Doc, you should change your title to “The imperial whisper” or “The Imperial Pied Piper“.. I love your Fleet.
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  5. Davea Lux
    Love the B-52 decal in the rear window.

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