St. Patrick's Day Photoshoot With The Irish Mcgoldy 2019

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  1. jhp5
    When I was a cab driver in Edmonton back in 1977 a guy named Rick Bell had one of these. It was the fanciest car on the fleet. He was car 200 but he would say 2 bubble oh on the taxi radio. Such a great guy, and with a superior taste in automobiles I must say. What a fantastic car.
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  2. Henrius
    Something just dawned on me. Strange that a beast this big did not come with dual exhausts!
  3. SportFury70
    jake, I just now saw the camper towing the other camper. A Crapbox towing a bigger Crapbox. Awesome. Not really. DocMcNeedy. Pleease post some interior shots. Thanks.
  4. coco
    Please post up some interior shots, car looks the bizness :D
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    1. DocMcNeedy
      Thanks. I'll grab some new interior shots this weekend.
      DocMcNeedy, Mar 20, 2019
  5. jake
    Very cool, I love the camper pulling a camper in the background.
  6. mrfury68
    What a beauty! Great color combo of Ma Mopars finest offering.
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  7. DocMcNeedy
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    1. SportFury70
      Nah, maybe not a brougham interior. I would think it would say on the corner of the roof by the back door.
      SportFury70, Mar 18, 2019
  8. SportFury70
    Nice looking car. Love how the interior matches the exterior. Brougham interior?