• Currently have a 57 Coronet 4dr Sedan, 57 D-500 Coronet 4dr Hardtop, 58 Coronet 2dr Hardtop, and a 59 Coronet 4dr Sedan in the Forward Look era. Also have a 64 Fury Convertible and a 64 Barracuda from the 60's and a 70 Fury Gran Coupe, 72 Satellite Sebring Plus and 74 Charger SE from the 70s. Modern Mopars are a 2010 Challenger (Tor Red), 2013 Chrysler 300, 2015 Chrysler 200, and a 2017 Ram.
    My Non-Mopars are a couple two-seat convertibles: 98 BMW Z3 and a 73 Triumph TR-6.
    Currently in the process of selling the 59 Coronet Sedan and the 57 Coronet Sedan. Soon I will also sell the TR-6 and 64 Barracuda. Hopefully that will give me more time to work on, and enjoy the 71 Fury Gran Coupe, 64 Fury Convertible, 72 Sebring Plus and 74 Charger SE...


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  1. Richard Reau
    Hey Buckeye, where are you at up in Ahia? I'm from the west side of Columbus, lived 10 years in Granville, graduated from Newark High, then spent 28 years in Grandview. Now my wife and I are in Tampa, lots of buckeyes down here for sure. Cheers!
    1. BuckeyeBarracuda
      We are just outside (SW) of Akron, Summit County. Lived here for 31 years in this house, graduated from University of Akron, served in Army as Intelligence Officer for 22+ years before coming back to Buckeye-Land.
      BuckeyeBarracuda, Nov 14, 2020
  2. Henrius
    Love how some of the later 1950s cars, like the grey (Dodge?) on the left of the trio, looked like they were angry with a furrowed brows over the headlights. Must have scared drivers looking at them in their rear-view mirrors!
  3. BuckeyeBarracuda
    The Fury Gran Coupe is a 71 (typo), vice 70, and it was originally brown (not my favorite color). I had it painted FK5 and added a 70 hood when it was restored a few years back. Kept the paisley interior but went to black vinyl top.
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    1. Marv
      I love it !
      Marv, Sep 29, 2020
  4. Marv
    nice diversified herd you have.. do you have pictures of your 70 Gran Coupe ? Also your 71 looks like FK5 dark burnt orange but that can´t be right, I think.. It´ll be brown and the pictures are showing the shade not correctly !?