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  • Well, the '68 Fury III Four Door Hardtop was my original passion, which then morphed into: How many of the '68 Fury Models can I acquire? Shown are my 4DHT models (I'm a little heavy on these), my 2DHT, my Sport Fury and my Convertible. Also shown are my '70 Sport Fury 4DHT and my '72 Road Runner clone (440 six pack). I really think I am done with my "collecting", even though I lack the Suburban Wagon and all the Sedan models. After all, I'm just one guy!
    A concerned friend asked me, "What's WRONG with you?!" I explained myself this way; "It's like a Salmon that has to return home... you're just not happy 'till you get there. Other than that, there's just no explaining this affliction that happens to some of us."
    Thanks for looking at my photos and good luck on your mission The line up is out of order. 699530-3-lg.jpg IMG_20170716_150521(1)-001.jpg 1-Picture0624162237_1.jpg Lancaster Convertible 4.jpg IMG_20170806_143100724.jpg Not A Fury!.jpg 687475_5.jpg 6. Ms. Bellafury DePalermo 12-22-2016.jpg
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  1. LocuMob
    Nice collection!
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  2. detmatt
    They’re all nice but I love the roofline on Poly Purebred, you suck!:poke:
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  3. live4theking
    Nice cars!!!
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  4. GJS
    Gorgeous, every single one! Nice work.
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  5. rapidtrans
    Beautiful cars!
    You're only missing a VIP to complete the set. We had a new loaded 68 VIP the same colors as the Sport Fury 2dr.
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  6. bigmoparjeff
    Wow, Wow, Wow! Certainly a man on a mission.

    I can only think of one way to make that Fury collection cooler. Find a period correct car hauler, and arrive at the show like you're delivering a fresh batch of '68 Furys. The typical car hauler of the period usually held six full-size cars.

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