When They Were New!

  • Dad's participation in the Employee Company Car Program began in 1961 with a loaded 62 Plymouth wagon and ended in 2009 with a PT Cruiser.
    As I search the vast family photo, slide and movie library i'll add more photos.
    Many a good car photo got messed up by family members standing in the way! :p
    You know, Griswald style vacations, wedding, graduations etc.

    Ludington State Park, Michigan
    Wisconsin Dells
    Dad's 1st company car. A pretty well loaded wagon with a 383, ps, pb, pw. His car payment was $29/mo. inc. insurance. We did our 1st family summer trip this year. Went camping thru Michigan, the U.P. and down thru Wisconsin. Pulled the boat and hauled seven people. I spent the trip in the third seat. These are clips from some very old 8mm film.

    pics0068.jpg 1963 Newport wagon, 383 2bbl., pushbutton auto
    img011 copy.jpg img012 copy.jpg
    New car midyear, 1963 Newport wagon, loaded with every option available including rear air.
    Ordered specifically for a 3 week summer vacation out west.

    1964 they started allowing two cars a year. This year they allowed Dad to replace both cars mid year and made a/c available. We started out with a white and red Fury 4dr and a red Valiant Signet six with a four speed. Then Dad ordered a turqouise Newport with a/c and a Dart w/a six and three on the tree. No pics yet.
    IMG_0962 copy.JPG
    Ours was identical to this without the J.C. Whitney window vents.
    pics0002a.jpg 1965 Sport Fury,Black over Ivory, 383 2bbl, auto, console, am/fm File0026.jpg
    Yeah Dad. I got the whitewalls!
    pics0062a.jpg 65 Dodge & trailer.PNG
    1965 Dodge Custom 880, Six Window Sedan, Medium Turquoise, 383 2bbl, am/fm

    66 Coronet1.PNG img004a copy.jpg
    File0025 copy.jpg
    1966 we had "B" bodies. The Coronet wagon in the middle, 318, air, it pulled the trailer fine.
    I would find out years later that the 66 "B" body front ends were dad's first project as lead engineer. We had the wagon and a Charger when it came out mid year.
    And i'll admit, my uncle had some nice Impalas over the years. Always had a conv. for summer.
    Number one son off to basic training. The 66 Simca was Dad's company car 'till the 66 Chargers came out mid year. Great car in the snow. Yeah, next door neighbor worked for Chrysler too.

    1967 had a Newport Custom, black over Turbine Bronze, loaded. Second car was a notchback Barracuda.
    File0005 copy.jpg
    Yep, another trip to Florida, Easter '67.

    img018 copy.jpg
    1968 VIP 383, loaded. More importantly, the Tigers won the series that fall! Dad should have had his new cars by then. His 69 VIP and Barracuda were late that fall.

    pics0083 copy.jpg pics0084 copy.jpg
    No trailer queens back then. That 68 Charger had to get someone to work.

    img021 copy.jpg pics0071 copy.jpg pics0072 copy.jpg
    "The Governor". Dad liked this car. It's a loaner from the exec. pool that he would borrow for weekend trips.
    img029 copy.jpg
    A pre-production fusie. Note the Sport Fury wheel covers on the Fury III.

    pics0075 copy.jpg
    Two of the eight different "C" bodies dad had in 69. Looks like a scene from "Goodfellas":stop:
    pics0077 copy.jpg
    Another C-Body we had in 69. Just a basic Fury3 2dr, 318 W/air. The bright red made it special.
    pics0073 copy.jpg
    And one more 69. Newport Custom W/ air and 8-track. Went to Florida at least once!
    pics0087 copy.jpg
    71 Sport Fury, 360, Air & stereo! The 360 was a new offering this year and this car ran pretty well.
    I always thought the side and rear rubber moldings were supposed to match the roof. But i've seen other Sport Furys, even on this site, with the contrasting trim. White tops seem to get the black trim.

    new0091 copy.jpg
    72 or 73 Highland Park loaner on trip to D.C. & Williamsburg. Dirty whitewalls. Probably drove Dad nuts!
    !973 we had a sweet Charger S.E. and a rather plain Fury III.
    img013 copy.jpg
    Home from college Xmas break.
    img015 copy.jpg
    That Charger was a great highway car. Guess it's why the folks drove it to Florida that year.
    img005 copy.jpg
    img012 copy.jpg
    The Fury did go pretty well with a 400 in it. This was the last car to tow the family trailer on a vacation. Just mom & dad by then. That old trailer traveled a lot of miles.
    img006 copy.jpg
    75 Grand Fury Brougham 400 2 BBL. Another loaded company car complete w/8 track. This was one of the best riding and handling C bodies i've driven. On this trip back from Florida the ice build-up eventually knocked the hood ornament over!
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  1. The man with the cool car
    Wow! Thanks for shariing such a nifty photo history... Please keep up dating the automobile history, heavy emphasis on mopar, as it’s made.
    1. rapidtrans
      Once I get through all our old pics I’ll combine the two garages and get all the photos in chronological order.
      Great time born a car nut and a father working at Chrysler.
      rapidtrans, Oct 17, 2018
  2. Fury440
    Wow, beautiful piece of family history! Your family took at lot more "car" pictures than mine. In my case, film and developing was just too expensive to waste on pictures of cars or scenery, all our pictures are of people. Today with digital cameras we have shifted the other way, now we take pictures of everything! LOL
    1. rapidtrans
      Yeah. Wish i had my own camera as a kid. There were many loaner car RR, cudas, Challengers etc Dad brought home just for a night. Highland Park Hq. had it's own service garage for company cars. The loaners, usually loaded exec. cars, were available while cars were in for service.
      rapidtrans, Apr 30, 2018
  3. JJ62
    Totally outstanding ! .. it's so great when you can see or hear about how these machines impacted our lives .. really great stuff !
  4. johnnymopar
    That is cool as hell I grew up in a family that my Dad drove a Studebaker for 55 years. SoldPlaza and hated it but raised 11 kids and most of us had mopars. I have had over 70. Love the Imperials.
  5. Zymurgy
    Excellent too cool thanks for sharing
  6. Zephyr
    Wow, thanks for sharing those. The one with the rockets is from a whole different world.
      rapidtrans likes this.
  7. Mason66
    I wonder where they all are now.
    1. rapidtrans
      Often wondered that myself. Love to have some of them back. And these are just the C-Bodies over the years.
      I did see a 67 Imp conv for sale outwest a couple years ago that i'm 99% sure was the same exec. loaner car dad had for a week. It was a blue color offered just one year available only on Barracudas and Imperials .Still had the orig. windshield and the little pentastar decals in the corners. These decals were for entry to the exec. parking garage.
      rapidtrans, Aug 3, 2016
  8. Driver2
    Thumbs up..If only my dad had saved pics from the 45 years he drove new sales cars..although it was General Motors it would have been a great walk down memory lane..
    1. rapidtrans
      I know! Who would think to take just everyday pics of cars back then. With three older brothers and dad's cars the driveway was always full of mopars. Even the slant six Dusters bring a smile nowadays.
      I've found some faded polaroids that just aren't worth scanning.
      rapidtrans, Jul 30, 2016
    2. Driver2
      Yep, in Stockholm, where I live, we have car meetings about 2 times a week during the season ( may-sept ) but other than that you hardly see any old american cars in the streets.
      So whenever I spot a car in the same direction I´m headed I always slide in right behind and enjoy the view and that particular smell from the exhaust pipes..
      Just bought a -69 Sport Fury from Florida and it will arrive in Stockholm oct/nov, so I´ll be ready for the next season : o )
      Driver2, Jul 30, 2016
    3. rapidtrans
      Our next door neighbor was a Corvette chassis engineer and guy across the street was in Chevrolet body design. The first Barracuda i ever saw was driven home by the next door neighbor. The first Mustang i saw the neighbor across the street had home.
      rapidtrans, Sep 5, 2016
  9. 75LandYacht
    I absolutely love it.. What great memories you have of Chrysler history.
  10. shooter65
    Those are some fantastic pics. Great story also. I really couldn't pick a favorite but the two Imperials and the 69 Fury are high on the list. Thanks!
      MN72Fury likes this.
    1. rapidtrans
      I'll add more as i find them in my archives. A gotta photoshop the people out of a lot of them!
      rapidtrans, Jul 14, 2016