1958 Plymouth savoy police car I found today


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Jan 15, 2016
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North carolina
Was on the property looking at something else. His father has passed and he’s selling a few things. One being this pretty neat 58 Plymouth. Driver quality, but seems very solid. Has siren and all the accessories. Trim in good shape. He wanted 10k for it. Seems reasonable but maybe I’m crazy. Neat running and driving piece that’s not a rust bucket. Would clean up nice. I do not have any connection to this car, just trying to help the guy out









Any documentation to validate if it was a real unit or a clone? Looks nice and a good price if real.
That is silver/spring special also. The tarted up savoy that came out in March or so 1958. It would have been a base color with a silver roof, special lower trim and that Forward Look emblem on the fins from the 1956 Plymouth. Marc.
Very cool car and if it looks as good in person as in the pics the price doesn't seem too unreasonable IMO. If that is a true patrol car it would likely be a Plymouth with no model line name, such as Savoy or Belvedere. They were referred to as Plymouth Fleet cars. A good friend of mine has a documented 1960 Plymouth Fleet patrol car. It's a 2 door sedan with a 361 and a three on the tree. A very cool car.
I agree, it seems like a very good price. I don't think that if it is real police car or not would make a difference on the price. Set up as a regular spring special it would bring more than that.
It was not a real police car from what he said. His dad just liked doing it up that way. With the pricing of cars these days, I don't see how you go wrong on something like this to just cruise around in. His dad was a big forward look guy, so I was in the "other" garage :D.
From the way it looks, his Dad went to some trouble to get a correct-appearing spotlight and police radio. IF they were added as a part of the restoration.

Is the municipal decal on the front doors from a town nearby to where the car now is? Or is it a generic item? Just curious.

No doubt that Plymouth produced real pursuit-rated law enforcement vehicles back then, but I also suspect that in the smaller towns, the local police chief might go around and collect bids on a car to fit their needs, going through the low-bid process, but not necessarily on a police-rated unit per se. Which would mean that the larger towns, which could purchase "in volume" would get the genuine police cars from Chry Corp. Which might explain the Spring Special items and the automatic transmission.

Didn't cop cars use the ugly '57 Plymouth steering wheel into the early 60's? Also the speedo doesn't look like it's certified.
Didn't cop cars use the ugly '57 Plymouth steering wheel into the early 60's? Also the speedo doesn't look like it's certified.
Owner never claimed it as a real cop car. It sold within 48h of posting, it's on to a new home
You can get the ugly steering wheel cheap... It's a pretty good price for a complete resto... it would cost you 25k to have this car restored to that and years of work.
If thats a real fury emblem on the front, thats worth 500$ alone...