For Sale 1960 Chrysler 300F very restorable and complete!

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Jan 25, 2016
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West Virginia
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Selling my 1960 300F due to my wife, who is suffering from Alzheimer's, falling and breaking her hip.

Because we only have Medicare to cover medical expenses, I'm expecting a deluge of medical bills filling my mailbox.
It's been a dream of mine since I was 22 to own one of these finned crossram cars. They were usually junk or way out of my price range.

Now that I'm doing her care 24-7-365, and pushing 70 years old come November, I know I'll never get to this car. I have decided to let this one of 962 built cars go to someone that is looking for one of these beautiful brutes.

It needs restored, but is basically complete. Only piece known missing is the grille medallion, and it's available from the Chrysler 300 club. Just never got around to ordering one.

Floors and rockers are solid. Trunk and drop offs look good too.
All motors components are there including difficult to find exhaust manifolds. Car has power seats and windows.

The bad:
I think it needs quarters and the motor is stuck. It's been in dry storage for years, so I wasn't expecting a difficult job to release it. I had planned a rebuild anyway, so wasn't a major concern for me.

Car is located in Southern West Virginia, just outside of Princeton.

I have pictures of all the hubcaps, including the one on the rear deck lid, but can't get them to load. If you're interested in the car, I can probably email them to you.

I'm selling it at a fire sale price to get ready for incoming medical expenses.
Asking $14,000 OBO for this highly desirable, low production car, very restorable.

I hope I've covered all the bases. I've already got my hand slapped once, and the add deleted because, unknowingly, I posted it in the forward look section. I'm far from a professional car seller.

Thanks for taking time to read this.










I've chatted with Rob and got his permission to post this video from a former owner (Bob Merritt in Auburn, NY)

I think it shows what a solid car this is and a really good candidate for restoration.

Beautiful car and a great project for someone who has the time and finances to complete what will be a spectacular Mopar. I had a 60 Chrysler Windsor and loved it (still have many parts I accumulated for it's restoration). Unfortunately, I am 73 and undergoing cancer treatment (successfully so far). Sorry to hear about your wife's condition and recent fall. Hope someone steps forward for this Forward Look project...
I've got already a '70 Sport Fury undergoing restoration, otherwise I'd be all over this one ...
Shoot, you fellows are yanking my heart strings. I'll pray for you, and give thanks I'm a healthy 60! Now, if only I could knock over a bank.....
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