WANTED 1961-1964 Chrysler tinted LF door glass needed

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I believe I have one on a 63 300 coupe. A/C car with manual windows. I will check on it tomorrow and post a pic here.
It is rolled down in pic.
It appears to be in very good condition with all outer framing intact.
If your good with that I will pull window and post additional pics



Ok, if it is tinted and in good condition $60.00 will work. Need to see the glass and the slots in the lower bracket. UPS and U Haul sell picture / mirror boxes for shipping it, not sure about FedEx.
If the window checks out, it will be easier on you to just drop it off at a UPS or FedEx to have them box it up and ship. My cell is 630.205.0544 and I will pay them directly. Sound like a plan?
Also, if not too much trouble, I am looking for the door handle gaskets if they are in good shape, no holes I mean.
Window looks good.
Rolled up and down fine.
Looks excellent in track.
Door handle gaskets look to be intact.
Came off a pretty solid car.
A little dusty in pic.






Looks pretty good as long as there are no scratches on the glass. I can't tell if its tinted from the pictures. My glass is great. The slot has gotten a gouge worn into it which is why I am replacing it. I'd like to see this part of the glass frame on yours to be sure. Thanks!

window slot.jpg
It would show the word TINT next to the Chrysler pentastar and PPG logo in etching at the lower rear corner of the glass if so.
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