1961 Seneca Stop Light Switch Connectors


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Apr 16, 2024
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Hey all, I've got a 61 Dart Seneca with 225 and I'm trying to fix basically all the lights. I tried troubleshooting the brake lights malfunctioning and broke the male connector in the stop light switch on the master cylinder in the process. I am trying to figure out what kind of connectors they are so I can get new ones to solder onto the wires. So far have had a lot of trouble finding anything resembling them. If it's just an impossible part then what good substitutes could I use? I currently have a cheap Advance Auto universal switch on there now but so far tests with the multimeter haven't given me a lot of faith. I bought another OEM switch but if I have to swap it out, which ones will work best on my master cylinder?

Thanks for the help
The back of the switch uses Standard “ Bullet Connectors “
But, if you got the switch from a parts store , etc. —- that will be 1 / 8 “ th thread…..

You will shortly notice that yours is much fatter —- 1 / 4 “ th
thread…. And has been discontinued from all conventional manufacturers for many years….

If fits 1955 - 1961 Mopars , exclusively …..

If you need or want the correct one, I have plenty of them
*** New Old Stock*** ( Very very U.S.A. made )

P.M. me, as per forum rules, if interested….
( You may not have enough time on the site to be able to P.M. me yet , and if not, let me know here, and I will P.M. you…. )

Yours, Craig…..