NOT MINE 1963 Dodge 880 4 Door HT - $10,900 (Howell)

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Nov 12, 2010
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1963 Dodge 300 - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale

Take a 1962 Chrysler Newport body and bumpers, jam what would had been a DeSoto dash, and Dodge front clip and BAM! you got a Clodge!
With Desoto gone, and no Plymouth full sized offerings until 65, this example of Virgil Exner designing was it in the Mopar low/mid priced class.
Chrysler really screwed themselves over by allowing Exner design the mid sized Plymouths look like the Valiants.
Many Plymouth customers were pissed when they had no full sized car in their field and had to pay more for a Clodge.
Elwood Engle's C bodies of 65 saved the company-along with many of his other teams' designs within the Mopar camp.
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