1965 Newport rear window install question


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Jan 1, 2021
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I have a 1965 Newport two-door I’m going to be re-installing my back window. It was removed for repairs to the B pillar from previous damage that wasn’t repaired right and the gasket window leaked in numerous places. I’m just now finishing the bodywork and getting to the point where I want to replace the gasket window. I already have a new remanufactured gasket. My question is, did the factory use butyl tape on the car side of the gasket as well as on the window side of the gasket or did they use any at all? I’ve have the factory service manual and it really only deals with fixing leaks at the rear window with butyl tape doesn’t really cover if it’s supposed to be installed on a new installation with it. I’ve done a lot of gasket side windows on the 80s and 90s cars and always used 3M glass bedding compound. I have no experience with using butyl tape factory service manual mentioned a flat tape for the body side of the car and a rope butyl tape for the glass channel under the section on leak repair, but didn’t mention the size of either? Would just some butyl tape off Amazon work fine or do I need a specific type really just asking for advice because I wanna get this window in and it not leak like it did before.
Rear window removal on both my 66 and 65 parts cars showed a small amount of black sealer or butyl tape underneath the original molded rubber gasket.