1966 Chrysler 300 Power Window Issues


Sep 25, 2016
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Towanda, Illinois
Here is an update on my window problems that I posted two days ago. The master switch on the driver's door for all windows does not work. I have power on all 4 terminals on the relay. I do not have power at the switch using my test light. The motor in the driver's side works, but not with the switch. When I remove the switch from the drivers door the passenger switch will not move the passenger window. When the switch is connected on the drivers door, the passenger window switch will move that window. All wiring looks fine. The master switch worked when car was parked inside for over the winter storage. Started car up this spring and it does not work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I have power on all 4 terminals on the relay.
I read this in your other post and I'm trying to figure out what relay you are referring to. There's a relay for power locks, but not for the windows.

I assume your have the Factory Service Manual... If not, download one from MyMopar

Please don't use one of My Mopar's crappy wiring diagrams for this... Use the FSM wiring diagrams.

The circuit breaker should be under the left front kick panel. I can't find anything in the '66 FSM to confirm that, but that's where it is in my '65 Chrysler. The power lock circuit breaker is ganged with the power window breaker there too (if you have power locks) and get power from the same source. That is the place to check for power.

In the '66 FSM, the page is 23-26. That will have the wiring diagram. On page 8-77, the wiring diagram shows what I think is that circuit breaker. (left side, ~2/3 down, above the automatic pilot) and that just feeds to the back of the ammeter with a #12 red wire.

https://www.mymopar.com/downloads/mtsc/207.pdf may help too.