For Sale 1966 Chrysler 300 w/parts car

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Jan 22, 2014
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I have two 1966 Chrysler 300s 2dr Hardtops for sale, with a 1968 440 core. The lilac car is a 383 4bbl, automatic, Air Cond, Power Windows, PS, PB. Lilac outside, white painted top (factory) with a white non console interior inside. Car is complete and ran very well when parked, 10yrs ago. At some point the trans puked fluid onto the floor long after it was parked? It has the 14in wheels with the best set of spinner wheel covers you will find, 5 actually. Body is completely rust free, AZ car, all original and never messed with. I have had it for 15 plus years and I am not going to restore it. Trim and stainless are superb, car has all the trim and solid bumpers that still shine. This car will make for a great restoration. I believe the car has around 80,000 original miles. It has been in garage storage for the entire time I have had it. Was in a carport in Prescott, AZ for years before my ownership. Serious "old lady" story,

The bad, shortly after I bought it I left the hood open and a major wind storm caught the hood and flung it into the windshield and broke it. The hood did not suffer any noticeable damage, however the drivers side mount for the crossbow springs/hood pivot is tweaked. I believe a body man, which I am definitely not, could easily fix it and if not the parts car has a nice one on it. The parts car also has a good windshield as well as a hood if there were a problem. The body also has a crease just behind the passenger door to the fender well, looks like someone got against a post. Not a big deal, once again, I think a body man could easily fix it and the parts car has a nice body for anything you would need. As a matter of fact, it bothers me to cut up the parts car. It could be restored as well, it is blue with black interior, no motor or trans. It was a 383/auto and AC car as co
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well. Solid set of driver tail lights, lots of good trim, and complete glass/interior.

Included in this deal is a non running but complete 1968 (I think) 440 engine. Oil pan to intake. I had intended to use anything I needed from the parts car, build the 440, and have a really nice 300. I have other cars and am getting older, don't see this one happening and I would like the garage space.

Just to make it perfectly clear, Included are the Lilac 1966 Chrysler 300, the blue 1966 Chrysler 300 parts car, and a oil pan to intake 440 engine core. I want $5000.00 USD in cash. I have a car trailer with a winch and may consider delivering or help with. No nationwide delivery, something within a 150 miles. I will happily answer any serious questions, however, if you do not have the funds available or are not ready to buy, please hold off until you are. I am firm on the price, I may haggle a little in person to someone with cash. I would consider a trade for Mopar B\E body, needs to be complete or nearly complete car, not necessarily running or have driveline, just don't want to start with a shell. Will consider running/driving cars as well, not in the market for show cars. I have $$$$$ to add.
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Yes I am in Arizona, car is in the east valley. I am in central Phoenix.
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