NOT MINE 1966 Chrysler Windsor 4 DR Sedan - "Very good condition, Drives very nice, smooth and powerful" - Vancouver, BC $8,650.00

marty mopar

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Nov 12, 2010
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Link: 1966 Chrysler Windsor - cars & trucks - by owner

Seller's Description:
1966 Chrysler Windsor 4-door Sedan
  • condition: excellent
  • cylinders: 8 cylinders
  • transmission: automatic
  • odometer: 96,000
  • title status: clean
1966 Chrysler Windsor, 383 4 barrel dual exhaust, very good condition, no rust, antenae was moved from front fender to power antenae rear, front antenae hole on top of fender has plug, redone interior, all stock except dual master cylinder and electronic ignition, insured and driven on weekends, drives very nice, smooth and powerful.

Very nice but boring car.

I've seen it.
I went to look at a 64 Newport wagon hulk that the seller had. ( He wanted too much for that too)

Nice enough car in nice shape but those wheel covers gotta go, road wheels or something would make it more appealing.
Not enough to make me buy it
the seller was asking alot more before, then it dropped to I think 14k, might have been 16.