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Jun 18, 2019
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I have some 1966 Fury parts for sale as listed below. Not everything has a price yet because I wanted to get the list out ahead of events coming up. If you have parts you are specifically interested in, send me a message and I'll get photos and price. I also have 1956 & 1959 DeSoto, 1961 Chrysler and 1965-1968 Chrysler parts. The Chrysler and Fury parts I have a list I can send, the DeSoto parts I do not but you can send me a request with your needs.

I will be at the Mopars at the Park in Minnesota this weekend (either Friday or Saturday, not sure which yet), the National DeSoto Club convention in Altoona, PA in two weeks, c-body show in Volo, Iola in July, and Chryslers at Carlisle in July. I can deliver parts to these events and save shipping costs. Will ship (including overseas) for additional cost.

1Red steering wheel
1Front turn signal lense
2Left outer taillight housing & lens (1 has broken lens)
1Right outer taillight housing & lens
3Left headlight surround
3Right headlight surround
1Grille w/Fury III emblem
1.5Sets rear bumper guards
1Set of trim below windshield exterior stainless
2Fury III emblems for front fenders
1Right front fender tip trim, aluminum
1Set interior windshield pillar trim long
1Set interior windshield pillar trim short
2Fury III interior door panel emblems
2Right exterior windshield post trim stainless
2Interior across top of windshield long piece
1Left front fender trim long
1Dash clock
1Inside rear view mirror
1Rear deck blower motor & duct
1Front dash speaker with grille
1Heater control panel
1Door lock cylinder (no key)
1Gauge set left of speedometer - temp/alt/fuel
1Temp gauge
1Headlight switch
2Radios - faces are the same, different bodies
1Hood (has rust on backside)
1Trunk with taillights and Fury III emblem
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