1966 Imperial Crown convertible

No, the DS front has always been stuck "up". The PS windows go up and down, but s-l-o-w-l-y! The power vent windows work great!
The last car event I had my Imperial at was in September 2016, called the Hot Rod Hundred, which went 127 miles from Mustang to Tulsa, OK. I put about 290 miles on it that day. After that, I drove it on several occasions, but no events.

Tonight was cruise night in my little ' burb...

The car has been running great, so today I dropped the top and headed out. Did 75 on the highway without issues. And mysteriously, three of my four windows worked again! The DS front is still locked in the "up" position. That helped my attitude!

So, I made four circuits and parked, to do some looking at some cars as they passed by. A fun, cheap afternoon. A guy and his car. Put about 30 miles on the Imperial tonight. There is still stuff to do, but I'm going to drive and enjoy it this Summer!

Well, today it is 310K outside (100*F); so after work, I'll go to the shop and get two things done, assuming I don't get heat stroke - finish installing the ducting under the dash, and hook the radio power back up. Re-dye the kick panels and the rear lower interior panels. They're original to the car, but are noticeably faded. Clean the car up a bit, and get it ready for two shows this weekend.

I think I have the map light issue figured out as a bad ground. We'll see if it's working today. Fixed it a week back.

I have the new glove box guts ordered, should be here Monday. I want to ensure all the dash is sorted out before installing that. They don't like going in and out! Plus, it's pricey, too.

Did I mention that I dig this car?
Got the door card off tonight after putting it off forever. The motor has a hidden fastener that is proving to be a pita. So, tonight's work will continue tomorrow.
Good luck. Definitely going to keep watch on your window motor saga. On mine, all work slow and the DS rear window went down and won't come back up. Weird thing was - I was pushing the button on the driver's door forward (up) and it still went down. The back switch seems to work right but I think there's a dead spot somewhere on the motor armature as it only twitches now and then, if anything.
It looks like there are extra mounting holes for the motor ?
It doesn't line up with anything, though.

I was able to pivot the motor enough to disengage the gear, and allow manual movement of the window up and down. It needs to be lubed up, but that's gonna wait until later on. Once Summer is done, I'll tackle removal of the mechanism and repair the motor. I want to drive it!
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I’ve got extra regulators if needed.
I'll keep that in mind. PM me with price w/motor, in case this one is done.
Sorry Patrick, I don’t sell working window motors but $25 + shipping for a regulator.
Well, I finally got back to the window on Saturday. I'm gonna wait for Fall to r/r the regulator. It works fine by manually lifting and lowering the window by hand. I left the motor disengaged from the window gear, and unplugged the inop motor. It works for what I need right now.

The bottom of the door card is pretty sad. Moisture over the years has made this extremely fragile. For a stop-gap measure, I reinforced the bottom inside (facing the door) with Gorilla tape. Not visible if you look at the door. The three remaining clips stayed in the holes. It's been off before...a few times! So, I had no choice but to loop gorilla tape and use that to hold the door card to the door. Again, a temp measure.. The door is reassembled and the car is ready for a drive again.

These 100+degree days with 80% humidity make Summertime suck, especially car work. Got two shows this weekend to go to, and the Imperial will be there. My Coronet has what I suspect is one our two plugged/collapsed front brake lines, so it has sat for the past month or so. Need to get on that this week sometime.
I forgot I'd left the motor plugged in. I was raising the windows up on Saturday, and hit the DS front switch by mistake. I heard the motor! Since I can manually raise and lower the glass by hand, it appears all I need to get things going right is degrease, then relube the regulator, bolt the motor up and see what happens!
Been looking at the faded walnut trim on my car since the day I bought the car. Today, I did something about it. I got a half-pint of walnut stain and a top-quality brush, along with some 1600-grit sandpaer, and restained all of that trim. I am going to do a second coat tomorrow, and then clear with some polyurethane. Some pics of the evening work...




I finally got the door window working very well. Still having the dash electrical issues, but found the lighter works great, so I had a functional power source for my dash cam!. A good wash and minor detail wrapped up a busy Friday off-day.

Today was the annual Hot Rod Hundred run. This year, the route was 122 miles, in an almost-circle NE of OKC. Traffic was amazingly light, once we left our one enroute stopover, the motorcycle museum in Warwick, OK, on Hwy 66. The remainder of the route used State and US highways. Today saw the Imperial travel almost 200 miles. That car is so fun and comfortable! I kept the top up until the stop, as the morning started out chilly. The windows all worked. At one point, there was zero traffic, so I got the car up to 100 mph for about four miles - exhilirating!




One thing I discovered this morning was a lovely spot left under the fuel tank. There was a tar-like goo in a small puddle. I filled the car last night with 93 premium real gas (not corn-squezins'), so I wouldn't have to make a fuel stop on the drive today. Looks like there is a leak from the base of the filler tube at the grommet where the tube meets the tank. Guess that'll be one more thing to attend to over the Winter.
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Back under the dash this afternoon. First, circuit checks at the fuse box, then fuse checks in and out of the fuse box. Check wiring to the inoperative lights, fan, and radio. See where I'm at from there. I have a feeling something was jostled loose somewhere by either my buddy who installed the brake booster, or the guy who fixed my rear lighting problem.

Every night on TV absolutely sucks these days, and the weather couldn't be more agreeable for shop work...60* at 6pm tonight. Yup, I can do that.