SOLD 1967 Dodge Monaco 500 - 440 Magnum

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Nov 20, 2020
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Campbell River BC Canada
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I am offering my 1967 Dodge Monaco 500 - 440 Magnum for sale. This very nice, but not perfect 440 Magnum Monaco 500 shows 81,740 on the odometer. I bought the car in June of 2020 after it being in dry storage for unknown years. Previous owner said it was brought into their family in 1996 as an original owner car. This is the process followed after getting the car to my house in Campbell River, BC.

Pull spark plugs and mist oil combustion chambers before turning over by hand
Replace spark plugs
Pull original Carter 4327S carburetor - disassemble, deep clean and rebuild
Replace fuel pump and fuel filter and ran temporary line from pump to carb
Test start car from jerry can directly into fuel pump

After verifying the engine was a good runner, the fun began.....

Replaced fuel tank and pick-up/sending until with brand new ones
Flushed hard fuel lines
Replaced shocks with KYB gas adjust
Rebuilt front calipers
Cleaned and greased wheel bearings
New wheel cylinders and flex brake lines to calipers
New rear shoes and hardware
New rear brake hard lines (hand bent) and flex line
New master cylinder
New thermostat
New ignition wires
Fixed factory console tach
New Mopar electronic ignition kit
New air filter
Fresh oil and filter
New alt and PS belts
New power steering high pressure line
5 brand new Hankook whitewall tires
Clean and detail most very visible items
Test drove car a couple miles to verify it was in working mechanical condition

This car is not perfect and still has a few items to address....

Power windows are glitchy. Both fronts work intermittently and have not tackled rear windows yet (neither work).
There is a small lump under the vinyl roof - right side between rear window and back seat window
Small rip in vinyl on left quarter. Overall I am certain the vinyl was replaced at one time and it was not the best work
Engine temp gauge not working
Needs mufflers. The rest of the system looks like it should be good
If I was keeping it I would put properly bent rear brake lines on it and a new hard fuel line from the pump to carb

I really don't want to let this go but I work over 1000 miles from where I live and only get back to Campbell River BC once every 2 months. Between fishing and my 1970 Dart Swinger that I have owned for 37 years, this beauty is being ignored and needs a good home.

I have basic info on the fender tag/VIN if you need it and there are countless experts on this site that are normally happy to assist if needed.

I am open to feedback. It is really difficult to find data on these old C bodies and even more difficult to guess at market value of a car with these option. Looks like less than 200 440 magnums built in Canada and a few hundred in the USA.

Asking $20,000 USD.







Very nice & rare car. The VIN tag does appear to have been removed & pop riveted back on, perhaps for a repaint?
Thanks, all. It would seem strange to me to pull the VIN and put it back on for a repaint but who knows. I thought the pop rivets were stock but I am no C body expert. The exterior has been resprayed for sure but I'm not sure about the rest.
Should just be phillips gead screws...
Every picture I have of 1966/67 Plymouth's VIN tags have the notched rivets, I have seen many with no rivets as too the tag looks to be glued on and have wondered what that was all about. Generally it is a no-no to remove a VIN tag for whatever reason.


That VIN was definitely removed at some point, it's attached with hardware store rivets. The correct rivets are the special rosette type shown. In '65 & before they spot welded the VINs, no rivets. I don't think VIN tags would ever be attached with screws, I believe by law it must be a more permanent means. My '67 Fury also had the data plate/ fender tag riveted but that might be something unique to the assembly plant. Hopefully no funny business went on with the car, stuff like that can raise eyebrows. Like said, removing VINs is a big no-no to the DOT.
VIN 67 monaco.JPG

That is gorgeous! Did you paint the block Corporate Blue, or Turquoise?

I painted what I could get at Turquoise. I don't think the block has ever seen new paint. I just cleaned up the cylinder heads, intake, w-pump etc and made the top end fresh. Polished the rocker covers etc.. Really didn't need much. Your comment is much appreciated. I have a fair bit of "before" photos as well if there is interest.
What’s the interior like? Also isn’t DH (Dodge High) on the Serial tag just a straight Monoco? Or did they not do the DP (Dodge Premium) Monoco 500 on the tag in ‘67 or in Canada? 68 Monoco 500’ were DP in the Us. Really only difference is the bucket seats, console and trim between them.

love the color.
These are during cleaning. I have not taken good pics since full cleaning and can't for a bit. I work about 1200 miles from home. I will upload some when I get home or get my daughter to take some for me when she goes there.

Not sure about the P on the VIN being just a Canada thing. The VIN matches the fender tag which matches the registration which matches every option on the car and all colours. The engine is a late 1966 HP block and the car was assembled in December 1966.



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