SOLD 1967 Fury III, Commando 383, Sedan. Not Mine

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Apr 29, 2014
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Not Mine. Sorry if duplicate

1967 Plymouth Fury III

I am not a buyer. Still kinda cool old sedan, looks clean and original. Looks like a fair asking price to me. Hope it finds a good home.

Seller Description: Asking Price $8,750

1967 Plymouth Fury III, 4-Door, 383 Commando, Automatic, All Original, 93K miles, Bought new in Alexandria VA, I have original bill of sale, build sheet, owners manuals, 1rst inspection certificate from VA State Police on 5/3/1967,

I have added true dual exhaust with flow master 40 series mufflers, oil change, here is a list of factory options - 383 engine, torque flight trans, a/c, am/fm radio, pb, ps, tinted glass, 8pr.grds f/r, dual side mirrors, deluxe wheels, factory undercoat, deluxe wheel covers, 3 speed wipers, wsw tires

Ccar looks like it has been in time capsule, i have found nothing that doesnt work on the car, it does need a new washer fluid bottle(old 1 is plastic and has cracked, carb prob needs a good tune up, it is VERY cold natured)...but runs and drive perfect, you wont find another classic like this again.
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VERY NICE! Lacking only a set of Mudflaps to Complete.
One Tiny Criticism!!
Why is it that 67 Tail lights never seem to Align correctly.
WOW - talk about a sleeper sedan. There's a Commando 383, power steering/brakes, factory AC; all the options you REALLY need. I think that's the deluxe steering wheel, too. Look at that nice (and stock, mostly) engine compartment. Green interior is a nice touch, look how nice that seat fabric is. Stock wheels, to boot. Maybe the undercoating did its job here. Reasonably priced for all that - hope it finds a good home that won't change anything.
If I got it I'd do an immediate change to remove that piepan, it doesn't sit right on an AFB-era aircleaner like this one has.

As the seller says they added 'true' dual exhaust, it makes me wonder if this is a G-code 2-barrel originally and has had the dual-snorkel aircleaner installed.

As for the seller's "you wont find another classic like this again." - cars in this condition still turn up, this ain't a 1/lifetime oppy.
Here's a comparable-condition car from ebay:
1967 Dodge Monaco | eBay
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