For Sale 1968 300 Convertible

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Nov 24, 2014
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Rockland; Venango County Pennsylvania
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I think someone said they were looking for something along this line in the last week or two.

1968 Chrysler 300 Series Convertible | eBay

I have a 1968 Chrysler 300 convertible with the high output 440 C.I.D. TNT engine. There were only 2161 built in 1968 and as you can imagine, even fewer had the TNT engine. 1968 was also the only year to sport covered head lamps and yes the power covers work properly on this one. I have been a car guy all of my life but am now disabled and simply will not be able to show this car the love it deserves. I have attached a Hagerty Valuation report and several pics for review.

The car is in what I would call good shape. It is beyond the mechanical limits of the odometer, there are a few chips in the paint, the carpet could use replacing or re-dying and as in all convertibles she leaks a little when driving in a hard rain but then again, she is 49 years old. If I were buying it rather than selling it, I would call it in fair shape even though the salesman in me wants to call her "good". She is a daily driver with no apparent issues with the engine or transmission. The radio is inop as is the heater. The A/C was removed at one point by a previous owner. Frankly, those are simple enough to repair or replace but I wasn't inclined to do it on a convertible. The power top functions properly and even in its current "factory" state, she turns heads everywhere we go in her. Every time we stop for gas or a cold drink, at least two people find the courage to come ask about the car. The car has been repainted but not by me so I have no idea what is underneath the current white.

The "Good" valuation from Hagerty is $23,300 and the "Fair" valuation is $15,200. I am not emotionally involved with the car other than it makes me feel great riding in her. I understand that blue books and black books don't buy cars and Hagerty has a right to their opinion. After a lifetime of experience in the biz, I put the actual cash value on the car at $13,950. Don't get me wrong, if you prefer to pay more, by all means, let's exchange autographs and a few dead presidents. If you think she is worth less, that's ok too. Bring cash and we can talk about it. I would sincerely love to see this car given the treatment it deserves.









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