SOLD 1968 Dodge Monaco 500

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Nov 9, 2010
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For sale..
1968 Dodge Monaco 500
383 4 bbl
727 auto
Power windows
Power brakes, power steering
Electronic ignition
Buckets with buddy seat
All gauges work, all lights work
Factory burgundy car with white painted top
50 psi oil pressure at idle, while hot
Canadian built car, not many came with a big block, let alone power windows
Runs and drives great, if I didn't have 12 others I would keep it

$5000 Canadian ($3800 US)
Located near Parksville, BC, Canada










Is there a picture of the fender tag?

Interesting, differences between my US '68 Polara. The US Canada differences never cease to amaze.
Dash is identical to my '68
Interior color is much more Red than the US '68s and door panels are curious.
Tail lights as mentioned are different.

I am a big fan of this color combination, but cannot collect them all. If a convertible in this color combo.....
Just curious...should the door panels be the same red as the seats? The blacks from another parts car?
Yes, it has red ones that I can put in the trunk, they were just badly tattered. The black ones were in much nicer shape, they came from a parts car I have in the back.
Kinda think of it...
I was following this car on FB and was 1 of 2 cars, the second car being a white 500.
This 383 burgundy car was almost parted out.
Without seeing the fender tag, I am thinking this burgundy car had black guts and the red seats from another car??
Regardless, still a unique car with its options.
Majority of Canadian 500' s were 318 cars so this 383 car had to be ordered.
U.S. 500's got the 383 as standard equipment.

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This car was ordered as a 383 2 bbl, 727. 8 3/4 with 2.76 gears. Front disc brakes (now has drums, someone must have snagged them or swapped them out at some point). Buckets with buddy seat, column shift. Burgundy with white painted roof. It does have a single headrest in passenger seat, which I've been told is a reclining seat, though it doesn't work. Rear defrost. Power windows. The interior was all red, but as I mentioned, the door panels were badly tattered, so I put black ones in from another car, along with black sail panels.
Ahh the blue one with the bubble top on the roof!!
Yep, well, originally yellow with black vinyl top, then blue, then flat black. Poor thing has a dome cut into the roof, 2 domes on the trunk, and toys glued all over it. The guy drilled about a dozen holes in the factory console for toggle switches for lights. Can't find a picture of it when it was still one piece.
Is the 383 original?, looks like it might have come from a truck as all truck big blocks were red.
FYI Canadian built models, like this Monaco here, had red engines except the 440 which was turquiose.
What all is involved in bringing a car out of Oh Canada?
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