For Sale 1968 Plymouth Fury VIP

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Jan 24, 2019
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1968 Plymouth Fury VIP, 383 4 Barrel, automatic with factory air. The car originally came with a 2 barrel carb. At some point in the cars life a 4 barrel intake and carb were added. The intake dates to 1968 however the carb was shot so I put a rebuilt Carter AVS on. The original air cleaner base does not fit the replacement carb so I have an aftermarket summit brand fitted for now. The car is originally from North Carolina with just under 43,000 miles on the odometer. The car is in really nice shape. The interior is also in great shape except for the carpet, it will need to be replaced. The front seat is a split bench with armrest. There is a small crack in the dash but not split open. The headliner is in great shape. Door panels are in nice shape but the armrests in the front have cracked however not split open. The body is in great shape with some minor bubbling of rust around the lower quarters. As far as I can tell the car has never been repainted. The underneath is in as nice shape as the outer body with exception to the trunk area on the drivers side. There was a rug that held moisture in the trunk and it created lots of surface rust and created holes on the drivers side trunk pan (see pictures). The moisture enters the trunk at the bottom corners of the back window. As far as I can tell this area isn't rusted considerably but must have rusted to be leaking. There are a few quirky things about the car that I am trying to resolve and they are as follows: no dash lights, no parking lights up front. Radio doesn't work and neither does the factory AC. Again I am working on these things. There are many new parts on the car. Just a few notable things are a new radiator, rebuilt power steering pump, all new belts and hoses, plugs and wires. The car has a new dual stainless steel exhaust, four new tires, a ball joint replaced and an alignment. The gas tank has been removed, flushed and a new sending unit installed. Four new shocks. As mentioned earlier a reman carburetor. This is a daily driver and a true survivor. I have over $8,500 invested in the car along with innumerable hours of my time. $6,500 is more than fair for a car in this condition so my price is firm.
I'd love to have that car but the price is too high IMHO. The car is on eBay and ending in a few days.
In my humble opinion.
In other words I think ....

Good luck with your sale, folks may ask for a reduction due to the (probably minor) issues you mention, but I wish you well.
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Bob, for a '68 Fury collector like myself with more than 25 years experience with these cars I know the issues that come up when restoring them and the cost of a good paint job and body work. The trunk floor is going to take more work than you think. I wish you luck selling your VIP and mean no offense.

FYI, that style of air cleaner may not be the best choice from an airflow perspective.
I wish you all the best with the sale.
Fact of life is that most of us are upside down in regards to investment terms for the C-bodies here if it comes to letting our projects/cars go.

If I hadn't bought my Polara then I definitely would have a Fury of this year range.
They are just a slick looking slab hands down no argument.
And you are correct. the cars are going up but I think most any buyer is looking for a fully finished turn key C body
Devil's Advocate here; For discussion purposes, on a 1 to 5 Star Rating, I will rate Bob's very restorable 383 VIP at a 3. JUST SAYIN! Please take no offense. Okay, now let's go back 3 or 4 years ago. 3 Star '68 Furys/S.F/VIP's were selling for (on average) 3000 to 3500. A 4 and a half Star for 6500 to 8000. Then, having paid attention to this same market from then till now, the 4.5 Star cars are posting at anywhere between 12K and 20K.., which is ridiculous, but true. Whether of not these cars are actually bringing in those kinds of numbers (those asking prices), I don't know.....But they are not on the market for long. Also, we see that fishing is way down. I vividly remember easily being able to view 10 to 15 Furys for sale everytime I got onto the 'ol interweb.......and the cars changed weekly, it wasn't the same ones all the time. These days, the pickings are far less. Nowadays, those once scoffed at Sedans are becoming more prevalent on the menu....and their prices are quickly rising -who'd of thunk it? Anyway, since the prices have gone up as much as they have on the 4+ cars, isn't it reasonable to see the prices on the 3's and 2's to be going up as well? Okay, maybe some of us who are already far along in our experiences and collections might not care to have to re-live our beginnings by purchasing a 3 and restoring it to our own high expectations, However let us not forget those who have yet to catch the Fury fever. Many will need to start lower on the pole by buying something less than 4 to 5 Star. They will have to start as many of us did, on a 3 Star. Something to learn on and grow their knowledge base with. And, hopefully they turn that 3 Star into a 4+ Star, as many of us have. The entry level buyers are going to have to pay the going rate on a 3 Star, just like we had to. Numbers aside. It has to hurt a little to test your resolve. It was that way then, and it is that way now. If the 4-5 Stars are going to go up in value, then the rest of the Stars have to as well. So what I'm really trying to spell out is that I don't think that 6500 for a 3 Star now, is any different than 3000 to 3500, 3 or 4 years ago. In fact, it's a good thing. It means we can all tell our wives that our so called "Hobby" is paying off! And, "How do you like me now?". To try to maintain the thought that a 3 Star is only worth what it "used to cost" is futile and self-defeating, because if 6500 is too much, then 8500 4 years from now will be even more unthinkable, and yet you know it's going to go up. If 6500 is too much, then it looks like there will be no new Fury Nuts growing on the tree.....I sure wish I could buy a better brain so that I would know how to express my thoughts with far fewer words. -Not Right again
Bob66, I think I need to apologize to you. I think my monologue killed your thread. I sure hope more folks will take a look at your car and respond to your ad, despite what I wrote. I think I might be able to delete it if you would like me to. Just say the word. Also, do you have any photos of your VIP from the sides? Full-on sideshots? Thanks, Not Right.
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