For Sale 1969 Chrysler & Imperial data/color & trim

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    Nov 14, 2010
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    This book is in pretty good condition, it has the usual color chip or 2 that are stuck together and a few pages have raggedy edges but otherwise it’s clean.
    Some good reading here but you guys know that!:D
    Asking $250 + shipping
    759CD925-A7DB-411B-9B2A-1924D802A6DE.jpeg A66497C3-FC1D-4CF0-A2ED-FA63974E75E0.jpeg 6733AC5F-E541-4381-8F99-9566C45A389E.jpeg 9E4F29BA-3957-4C8E-A7C1-6D4CBB692174.jpeg E2138369-278E-44C6-96B4-C38B318E2DBC.jpeg 3952076B-075B-4881-9954-44BB5183C56C.jpeg BFFE494F-3D72-4F99-B45C-5E1EC1183A55.jpeg 8971A4F8-784E-41B0-919B-727EDE1D940B.jpeg C6245DD3-AEBE-4EC8-9E27-34B2405D0E92.jpeg
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