SOLD 1969 Plymouth Fury 4 Door 318

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Apr 18, 2014
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Selling a 1969 Plymouth Fury 4 Door Sedan. This is a 318 auto car and is a great runner. Found this at an estate sale and my initial plan was to use it as a parts car for my 1969 Fury Washington State Patrol car but this one is just too clean to do that to it. Had been sitting since 2006 and all I did was drain the bad gas out, put fresh gas in and it fired right up. This thing is a hoot to drive and very original. Only mechanical issue is the brakes are easy to lock up if it's been sitting for a week or two, just think they have a little rust build up. Car features power steering, AM radio, light package and a front sway bar. Still has the Aurora Chrysler Plymouth plate frames from new! They were a big dealer in Seattle, WA.

Pretty sure it has original paint and the only rust I can find is the dog leg in the driver front fender. Somebody siliconed the rear window so assuming it leaked back there but the trunk and floor pans are super solid.

Car is in Olympia, WA and asking $2500. Going to the Mopars at the Park show in Minnesota end of May and could transport there for diesel money. Might even bring it there if it doesn't sell before? Anybody ever tried to sell a car there before? Have many more pics if you want to see anything else. This would make a fantastic daily driver or cop car clone potential.










Damn I wish I had a place for that. $2500, I'd be all over that. Coulda, shoulda, woulda....
I parted out a 69 fury WSP car probably 30 yrs ago. Still have a number of parts from it if there is anything in particular you are looking for. I'm over by Spokane.
I wish I had 2500 spare laying around but as usual, I don't. I'd pick up that one and sell a couple of projects laying around. Does it have any issues at all with the electrical system? Everything works?
PM41F9D294090 looks like a good Fury III. Great way for someone to get in the hobby. Glad you kept it whole, like this other '69 a few years back. Good luck with the sale. I hope whoever buys it preserves it for what it is, a nice original!

PS: @tallzag, did you pick up any of the car's history at the estate sale?
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@ayilar guys dad passed away so he didn’t know much about it. Parked in 2006 but was stored inside.

@gyknot messaged you, let me know if you saw it. Electrical seems good, think the gas gauge is the only thing not working
The other blue one I had went to Europe and got completely restored.
Very cool! I love the plain Jane sedans of this era. I'm only a couple of hours down I-5 from you. Hmmm, think it would make the drive back to Oregon? :)
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