NOT MINE 1969 Plymouth Fury III Sedan - $6,000 - Traverse City, Michigan

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    1969 Plymouth Fury III Sedan - $6,000 - Traverse City, Michigan

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    A guy that I work with has a friend that has this 1969 Fury III for sale. It's a 27xxx mile, 318 2bbl car, and it runs beautifully. I don't have any other photos or information about it, so if you want more, give him a call. He is asking 6k for it, but I understand that he is open to reasonable offers. Call Jessie at (See ad). Car is located around Traverse City, MI.
    243194429_5073327006028157_721813541249519251_n.jpg 245449770_5073326892694835_4722759650945123532_n.jpg 245430068_5073327089361482_958780443931883812_n.jpg
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