1970 300 A/C fuse blown but blower motor still works?


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Jul 17, 2020
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Cleveland, OH
Does the A/C 20 amp fuse only handle turning on the A/C and not the blower motor? If so, where is the 20 amps going to?

So bought car from junkyard 20 yrs ago. Wires looked like spaghetti under the dash with some burnt when I got it. Cleaned up and fixed many connections over the years. Heater has always worked great for years. Blower speed switch never work on high, just low and medium. This is first year I tried to get AC to work. Both wires going to evaporator were cut. I replaced evaporator and fixed wires. First time I used it, I turned it on Max Air. It worked great for about 5 minutes, then I noticed A/C stopped blowing and aftermarket radio turned off and would not turn on. The other A/C and heater button didn't work either. I smelled a very faint burnt smell for only 2 seconds somewhere in the dash. I noticed 20 amp fuse blew, so I took the fuse out but I didn't have one to replace. I started car again, I noticed max air button still didn't work but A/C button worked which I thought was weird without a fuse. Radio works again too. So could the 52yr old A/C wires started to fry before fuse blew which also started to fry the other fuse wires that control the radio which is right below it on the fuse block? Which fuse controls the blower motor? Thanks