1970 Dodge Monaco


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Apr 22, 2023
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New Zealand
New to the forum. I'm in New Zealand and have owned this 1970 Dodge Monaco 4 door hardtop for 33 years.
I have just about finished a full restoration. The car was originally purchased new by the Principality of Tonga for use by the King of Tonga. It was imported into New Zealand and sat unused in a barn for several years until I purchased it.
I have replaced all rubber ware, lenses and fittings with NOS items. Interior upholstery has been redone just doing final assembly
The one part that eludes me at the moment is a gas tank filler neck.




Welcome @KingsMonaco — look forward to more posts about your royal (not Royal!) Monaco.

@CBODY67 owns a 1970 Monaco. I have a’71.
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If All Else Fails See if You Can Get an Exhaust Fella to Bend you Up a Neck.
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@KingsMonaco -- I looked for a filler neck for my 1973 NYB a couple of years ago, and could not find any NOS or reproduction unit. I ended up saving mine. If you go used, there may be several people on the site who may be able to find one for you. I would post a "wanted" ad in the appropriate section of the site. If that does not work, then you could email Murray Park in Ohio.

PS: Here are several members who may have parts (there are others, apologies to those I missed): @70 Sport Suburban @C Body Bob @kyle340 @hemi71x

PPS: one of 19 N-code 1970 Polara convertibles is in NZ. DL27N0D177316 was, AFAIK, last for sale in Dunedin in 2015.
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Its been awhile since my first post but things have progressed. Enjoying fitting lots of NOS parts.
Imported a new fuel tank. Just waiting on getting the front bumper back from the electroplated.
Great to see the progress. Does the car have a data plate / fender tag on the radiator support?