NOT MINE 1970 Dodge Polara 4dr Hardtop - $2,500 - Nipomo, California


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Sep 8, 2020
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1970 Dodge Polara 4dr Hardtop - Nipomo, California

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NOTE: THE PINTO, 59 PLYMOUTH, 37 PACKARD, 69 CHRYSLER IN THE BACKGROUND ARE NOT FOR SALE BUT SOME OF THE OTHER CARS ARE I have a 1969 Dodge Polara 4 dr hardtop to sell. It has been stored since 1985!! 37 years!
It has a very nice body with minimal rust. It still wears it's original paint too! There is a little rust out inside of the trunk.The gentleman that owned it passed away. I was told it ran when parked but he is no longer around for me to ask. It has a 383 with a 2 barrel carb.The tires are decent. All 4 factory hubcaps are present as well as an extra one that has a ding in it. I found one to replace it!
All of the glass is good.The interior needs some clean up and repair but not terrible.The title is long gone. Sold on a bill of sale. No longer in the DMV system. No back fees. Great old MOPAR!
Asking $2500 Please call, text or email (See Ad) (See Ad) Blessings!(See Ad)


I think the price reflects the lack of title, so you need to come up to speed on the situation in NoLa while making a move. You also need to factor in replacing the windshield (it's reproduced, so no problem) and the headliner (ditto, though it might take between 6 weeks and 6 months to get it from SMS if you insist on the correct fabric; a local upholsterer might be able to do it faster).

Looking at the bottom of the rear window (left corner), at the bottom of the passenger A-pillar, and at the rear passenger doorsill, I wonder if the rust situation is worse than advertised. BUT, it seems to me that the car is worth a serious look. The engine should be fine, and if it is not, you could always replace it with a Magnum :)

I would ask for lots of high-res pics from the seller. @73Coupe is not too far from the area, so I'll throw him under the bus and suggest that you reach out to him in case you are serious (after getting the pics, to minimize the likelihood that he wastes his time).

PS: pls get the fender tag for records.
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I have residence in MS as well, where it’s easy to get a bonded title, so that’s not a big concern! Upholstery is fine for now, they make thumb tacks and blankets, after all, right?

I’ll reach out to Polara 73, currently talking to the seller, they’re straightforward and easy to work with so far!