1970 Fury III rag top

Here is my 1970 Fury III convertible. This is how I got it.
Why won't my pics show up?

welcome to the site enjoy..nice pics.....curious as to what engine was in it originally...any fender tag pics?
Originally a 318 car, blue on blue with white top. Now has a 360. PO I bought it from had bought it in primer with interior getting change from blue to maroon. He painted it red.
Excellent choice in a car.
Thank you. It has the black seats in it so now that it's red I'm going to complete the interior in black. Car is very solid. The title I have for it was from NV. I got it out of a garage in Michigan from a friend of mine.
Nice find. You have the rear bumper? Congrats and welcome to the forum.
I have the rear bumper. Has been rechromed. Looks great. Need tail light sockets with wires thought. I believe this car has been apart for a long time as many things are missing.
Got my interior screw kit along from Mr G's today. Also got some exterior molding clips. They need some trimming to work but I think they'll work out fine. Mr G was very helpful.
Is there a diagram out there for the duct work for heat/ac? The car is factory ac car. Also could use some help with hideaway headlight conversion as this was already started when I bought the car. I have most of the parts for it, just need the electrical end of it.