For Sale 1970 Fury Rubber Bumper Guards....NOS?

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Aug 9, 2017
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I think that these may be NOS, but they weren't stored under ideal conditions, resulting in some rust on the metal parts. They were in with some other NOS parts that I purchased a long time ago. They have some marks in the rubber, mostly from the studs of the other guards touching them as they were all taped together in a bundle.

The first shot shows some of the corrosion that was on them before they were glass beaded. Then they got a shot of Eastwood's golden cad paint.

There's enough for one car, front and back. I'd like $300 for the four pieces, plus shipping, or free delivery to Carlisle.

fury bumper gaurds 10.jpg

fury bumper gaurds 1.jpg

fury bumper gaurds 2.jpg

fury bumper gaurds 3.jpg

fury bumper gaurds 4.jpg

fury bumper gaurds 5.jpg

fury bumper gaurds 6.jpg

fury bumper gaurds 7.jpg

fury bumper gaurds 8.jpg

fury bumper gaurds 9.jpg

Various bumps and bruises seem to be the norm with these. Here's an NOS one in a box on ebay, and it's got the same marks in it. I suspect there were two guards in the box originally, hence the stud impressions in the rubber:

NOS 1970 1971 Plymouth Fury RH Front Bumper Guard Rubber Cushion Sport GT II III | eBay

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