NOT MINE 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury Coupe - $15,800 - Tarragona, Catalunya, Spain

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    Sep 8, 2020
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    At the time of posting, this FB listing is 18 weeks old.

    1970 Plymouth Sport Fury Coupe - $15,800 - Tarragona, Catalunya, Spain

    This thing has been for sale for a whiillee...

    FB Description
    Motor 5200cc v8 230cv (318CI). Cambio manual 3 marchas. 63.000km originales. Color beige. Marcador en kilometros. Matrícula nacional. En perfecto estado de conservación. Sin oxidos. Mecánica, electricidad y frenos hechos. Carburado y carburador nuevo. Única unidad en España, coche con história. Pocas unidades fabricadas de este modelo. Todo original. Exento del impuesto de CO2. Último precio; No interesan cambios. Para más información, no dudeis en contactar!
    Translated from Spanish
    5200 cc v8 engine 230 cv (318 CI). Manual shift 3 gears. Original 63.000 km. Beige color. Marker in kilometers. National license plate. In perfect condition of conservation. No rusts. Mechanics, electricity and brakes done. Carburado and new carburetor. Only unit in Spain, car with history. Few units made of this model. All original. Exempt from CO2 tax. Last price; No changes interested. For more information please do not hesitate to contact
    190121907_10226258862524402_2553689479461850373_n.jpg 195487374_10226258862844410_4343818693247963327_n.jpg 196220056_10226258863964438_544979107533749837_n.jpg 195895265_10226258863724432_6581977879231058481_n.jpg 196437485_10226258863284421_7249221872110544328_n.jpg 196396952_10226258863524427_7569207093639823847_n.jpg 195867825_10226258863084416_1044071173267224131_n.jpg
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  2. FK3 Sport Fury

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    Nov 29, 2017
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    Interesting colour, doesn’t seem to be a stock colour offered domestically for 1970.
    Interesting to see what the fender tag says.
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    Nov 12, 2010
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    Flying to Spain tomorrow just to get a better picture of the engine.
    I recently won the jackpot in the lottery so my accountant says
    "you need to lighten your load".....there is more than one way to
    figure out what he is saying as the word "load" can be interpreted
    in many ways but I am going to go there anyway.